St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN): It took a tie breaker to decide the winner of the Bronte Welsh Primary School Grade six quiz, held at the school in Boyd’s Thursday night. Winner Shenique Morton was among three contestants tied on 70 points after four rounds of questions. There were six participants in the quiz. The other two students Renisha Wilkenson and Jahnica Francis battled it out with extra questions in what proved to be a ding dong battle. 

In the end, Renisha and Jahnica both dropped points and Shenique prevailed as champion. Renisha and Jahnica ended up in another tie breaker to decide second place. Renisha eventually clipped the spot. The competition promised to be a tight one from start to finish.  

Shenique Morton spoke to the media after her triumph. “I won, I did it and congratulations to myself,” she said gleefully. “I think (the victory) will help me get to Test of Standards and pass it and get to a good class in high school.” She said she gave herself school work in preparation for the quiz and asked her fellow classmates to quiz her. 

Meanwhile, Principal of the school Anthony Wilshire said the quiz is preparation for the grade six students ahead of the Test of Standards a week away. He said the keenly contested competition Thursday was expected. 

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