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PAM Chair Cyndie Demming speaks at the Party's 2013 Convention

St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN):  Chairman of the Opposition Peoples Action Movement Cindy Demming one of the leaders of a planned prayer vigil and walk on Wednesday is calling on the Federation's women to join in.  

The Police High Command has refused permission for a protest march organized by the PAM to demonstrate growing frustration in the six month delay in the hearing of a Motion of No Confidence in the government 

"It's a call for the women of St. Kitts and Nevis to pray for our nation.  Our nation needs prayer and we are praying,  singing praise to God and walking tomorrow, so send a message to the world that St. Kitts is in trouble, and indeed we need prayer.  So we're asking persons to wear white to send that message to everyone," Miss Demming said, during an interview on Tuesday’s edition of Breakfast with Toni.

"It's a call from the women of the nation."

Miss Demming said the women did not need authorization from the police to walk.

"You don't need permission to walk and pray and give God thanks.  As a matter of fact  a number of us will be exercising along the way, and you don't need permission for that.  You need permission for a march, and we're not having a march, we're having a prayer and praise vigil walking through the streets of Basseterre.  Remember we're citizens, we live here, we don't need permission, and we will be demonstrating to the world that indeed that St. Kitts [needs] help.  Our democracy needs help," she said.

Asked whether the walk was not essentially the same thing as the demonstration that the PAM had been denied permission to hold, Miss Demming replied:

"You may interpret it how you want to interpret it, but I'm giving you the facts...that the women of the nation, they realize that our country, our nation needs prayer and we are going to pray until something happens."

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+1 #1 Terry Morris 2013-06-26 05:53
Yes go ahead make fun of God and of prayer. God's wrath not something you want on your life. Carry on with your foolishness. I am most disgusted by this deliberate attempt to make a mockery. God help you all. When his wrath come down then you all say people work black magic. Word to the wise is enough. God does not hear prayers out of hypocrisy and ill intentions.

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