Nevis Premier Vance Amory

St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN):  Nevis Premier Vance Amory is urging Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas to seek outside help to tackle a crime wave that has already claimed 15 lives in the first six months of this year. 

Mr. Amory told WINN Monday evening that his administration was working closely with local law enforcement agencies and plans to have island wide consultations on the way forward. 

"I've written to the Prime Minister, I've spoken to him today as well, and asked the Prime Minister to consider bringing in external assistance to find out, or to do some on the ground checks to make sure that we can get to the root of the problem.," Mr. Amory said.

"We're also looking this week at inviting leaders in the community: the Opposition, Church Members, Christian Council, Members of the Private Sector to sit with us in Nevis to discuss whatever strategies, whatever they think will be useful, so that we can find a way of dealing with this situation."

Nevis has had a record breaking seven homicides for the year.  The highest number of homicides that the island had previously ever recorded in a single year was five.

 Premier Amory is convinced that people in the communities have information that they are keeping to themselves and he plans to increase surveillance and offer concessions to people buying security equipment .

"In our own case here, we've decided that we will provide duty concessions to any...householder any business place who wants to import and have installed security systems, we will grant no duty on that because we want people to feel safe in their homes, we want people to feel that they don't have to be looking over their shoulder, and also we want to minimize the need for people to have guns in their possession to protect themselves, by providing an environment in which people can feel safe."

The Premier said he wanted to sent a clear signal that criminal activity would not be tolerated, and those who committed crimes would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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