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City Drug Store 2005 Ltd

Basseterre, St. Kitts (WINN):  It was a difficult decision for TDC to close the City Drug Store pharmacy says the company’s Human Resource Manager Dennis Knight. 

“Decisions like this never come easy…I know and we do understand that such an operation is going to be sorely missed, but I’m sure too in the end, our customers will understand from a business angle you have an operation like this because you intend to…run a successful and profitable unit and if after a number of years it is not proving to be, then you have to take the hard decision.”

Speaking to WINN FM on Thursday, Mr. Knight said while the pharmacy would be closed, other products and services that now fall under the umbrella of City Drug Store 2005 Ltd would continue to operate under the company name. 

“At this point we have various partnerships, suppliers, contracts and so on, which have been done and which have a…time value on them which would be under that name, and so it will take a little time before we can make all of the relevant changes and so for the time being, yes we will have to continue operating as CDS 2005 Limited.

The Human Resources Manager said the pharmacies operations were expected to be phased out by mid-August.  While he acknowledged that there would be redundancies, he said it was too soon to say how many staffers would be affected.  He said he entire City Drug Store 2005 Ltd has a staff of about fifty.

The decades old family owned City Drug store originally located on Fort Steet was bought by the TDC group of companies in 2005, and became the legal entity City Drug Store 2005 Limited.  It was later relocated to the TDC Complex at Fort and Central Streets.

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