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GEORGETOWN, Guyana (CMC) — Venezuela's ambassador to Guyana has called on the Government of Guyana and other governments across the region to intervene as Venezuela's political crisis deepens with daily clashes between demonstrators and security forces.Ambassador Reina Diaz, during a press conference here yesterday, urged the people of Guyana and the Guyana Government to support the Nicolas Maduro Government in its call for peaceful dialogue to end ongoing political problems in the neighbouring country.

Diaz also appealed for help from other regional governments, while stating that the acts of violence can be attributed to “radical sectors of the political Opposition”.

“We are grateful for the support of the governments of this region and governments of the world to respect that no ill will is shown by the State. We are grateful to a show support for dialogue which the government has asked as a means of solving internal problems,” she said in response to a question from News Source Guyana.

The ambassador said the so-called peaceful demonstrations have a clear objective, which is to overthrow the legitimate and constitutional president of Venezuela and reverse social achievements of the Venezuelan people.

According to Diaz, an international media campaign is also underway to falsify the reality of what was taking place in Venezuela while refusing to report on the attacks on citizens and law enforcement.

“The Opposition, funded by foreign aid and with media support, has created a matrix of hatred, persecution and aggression towards government officials, and to all those who sympathise with the Bolivarian thinking.”

The call for help follows a meeting of Caribbean Community foreign ministers in Barbados last week during which they called for non-interference in the internal affairs of Venezuela .

In the statement, the foreign ministers “decried the violence taking place and deplored the resulting loss of life and property”.

They said that they had “deliberated on the changes taking place in the international environment, as well as in their wider regional environment, and on their implications for the coordinated foreign policy positioning of their countries”.

The statement, issued at the end of the 20th Meeting of the Council for Foreign and Community Relations, the foreign ministers said that they were “united in their view” that respect for these values and principles in addressing international situations of concern “would prove valuable and pertinent in addressing concerns over the situation in Venezuela.

“Persuaded that the solution to the present situation had to be sought internally, supported by a mediated process, they were of the view that the deeply entrenched positions needed to be softened so that trust could be built on both sides in order to facilitate dialogue, so that the people of Venezuela could peacefully overcome their crisis,” the statement noted.

Last Thursday, the United States Government said it would be imposing sanctions on members of Venezuela's Supreme Court following a series of rulings that Washington said had usurped power from the nation's opposition-controlled congress and sparked a deadly wave of unrest.

The US Department of Treasury said it was freezing the assets of eight Venezuelan Government officials on order from the Supreme Court in an effort to support the Venezuelan people “in their efforts to protect and advance democratic governance”.

A ruling issued in late March that stripped Venezuela's congress of its last powers was later reversed amid a storm of international criticism. But near-daily anti-government protests were triggered by the ruling and have continued across the country, with more than 40 people killed.

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